Information Technology Applications

Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (CARINGS) is an e-governance initiative facilitating, guiding and monitoring the adoption programme. CARINGS 3.0 is being revamped with better Graphical User Interface (GUI) features and has several new modules like the Medical Examination Report (MER), improved and updated post adoption follow-up etc. Moreover, to ensure efficiency during the Pandemic, steps were initiated to provide accessibility to e-Office (a digital workplace solution) to all the staff of CARA to enable work from home, thereby ensuring greater efficiency, ensure security, confidentiality and easy accessibility to data, which helped in saving time and timely processing of cases even during lockdown.

Engagement of Experts

The following Sub-Committees have been constituted by the Authority to enable creation of IEC material, better dissemination of information, training and coordination between all the stakeholders.

• The Legal Sub-Committee for the training of legal professionals involved in the Adoption Process. This legal subcommittee consists of a pool of experts for preparing comprehensive modules of legal professionals of the Specialised Adoption Agencies.

• The Mental Health Sub-Committee of Resource Persons for the training of Mental Health Professional on adoption-related issues. This Mental Health Sub-Committee of Resource Persons for the training of Mental Health Professional on adoption-related issues consists of a pool of experts for preparing comprehensive modules and IEC material.

These two Sub – Committees will help in coordinating and facilitating training, and orientation of professional in all the States and UTs in a phased manner. The Mental Health Sub-Committee of Resource persons for the training of Mental Health Professional on adoption-related issues will be conducting six TOTs (Training of Trainer) at the regional level.


CARA organised webinar with stakeholders and experts of different fields eg. Medical, Legal and Social Service to discuss the present situation and seek their opinion on the range of issues related to rehabilitation of children through adoption on 26th May 2020


CARA had a webinar with Caucus of AFAA's from USA as part of the National Council for Adoption Conference on 24th June 2020


Webinar Hague Convention - On Report of Working Group Meeting on Prevention and Addressing Illicit Practices in Inter-country Adoption from 8th July to 10th July 2020 ceo

Webinar with Central Authority of Italy on 23th July 2020


Webinar on the importance of SAA-CCI Linkage to facilitate the adoption of older children on 28th July 2020


Webinar on Addressing the Issues and Challenges faced by the Child Welfare Committtee amid COVID-19 Pandemic on 20th August 2020. The webinar saw active participation by diferent states/UT's.It was chaired by CEO CARA and attended by Director Programme, Assistant Director CARA and staff of CARA. The objective of organising the webinar was to address the gaps and challenges faced by CWC amid Covid-19 Pandemic and way forward.



I. Delay in Court Orders
II. Issues related to Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (CARINGS)
III. Addressing the need for counselling and rehabilitation of Older Children in the Child Care Institutions (CCIs)
IV. Management of special need children in the Specialised Adoption Agencies (SAA)
V. Preparing the PAPs in the adoption Process and Role of Specialised Adoption Agencies (SAA) in preparation of the Home Study Report (HSR)
VI. Webinar on Implementation of Adoption Programme speciafically for North Eastern States


1. Adoptive Parents and Adoptees as member in steering committee of CARA --

2. Amendment in Home Study Report (HSR) format for incorporating the Psychological Evaluation Report in Inter-country Relative adoption cases & Undertaking from the relative in case of Single PAP --

3. Guidelines for preparation of the home study report (HSR) for Adoption and counselling of prospective Adoption parents(PAPs) --

4. Constitution of Sub-Committe of Resource Persons for the trainings of the Social Workers --

5. Office-Memorandum Precautionary Measures to be adopted by SAAs in the light of COVID-19_Pandemic-reg --

6. Post Adoption Reports (PARs) and Home Study Reports (HSRs) during the Lockdown and due to the social Distancing Measures in the prevailing COVID 19 Pandemic --'s.pdf




There are people who are lucky to be blessed with a family; but not everyone is fortunate enough to have one. This story brings to light, the beauty of life and choice; beyond what we see. In May 2018, around midnight a 3-year-old girl was found abandoned by Childline on the streets of Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. With no traces of her parents around, the case was reported to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and the child was placed at the District’s Children Home For Care And Protection. With due counselling, proper care, love and affection by caregivers, the child was able to gain comfort and disclose the particulars regarding her family. The District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), left no stone unturned and explored all possible mediums such as print media, social media and government machinery to locate her biological family/legal guardians. The search was ceaselessly carried on for a year, but there were no leads.Looking at the circumstances, risk factors and best interest of the child, SAA was instructed by CWC to put the child under adoption proceedings. Meanwhile, the child continued living at the District Children's Home and pursuing her education in a nearby school. After due process of being declared legally free , the child was referred to a single woman Prospective Adoptive Parent (PAP) from Chennai in June 2020 through Child Adoption Resource Information & Guidance System (CARINGS) portal. During the tough and difficult COVID-19 Unlock 1.0 , all the stakeholders worked together constantly improvising to overcome the situation and aiding the Single PAP from Chennai to reach Rajasthan to be the family for the 3 year old child . Chennai, being one of the hotspots was under complete lockdown hence the State Adoption Agency (SAA) assisted the PAP with the possible and feasible travel routes, Itinerary and comfortable hotel bookings. As per the revised COVID -19 protocols followed in Adoption process, the SAA team came together to finish the procedure and a Virtual Adoption Committee Meeting was organised through video call and based on interactions the SAA guided the PAP with arrangements of documents and other proper procedures. The credentials and all documents of the PAP were verified online. Thereafter, a physical Adoption Committee Meeting was held wherein the committee approved the PAP to take the child under pre-adoption foster care agreement.Further keeping in mind the government COVID-19 Unlock 1.0 norms for social distancing the matching procedure, PAPs decision for child acceptance had to be finished within 30 days hence giving paramount consideration to safety of both the parties involved. PAP was instructed to get herself tested for COVID-19 and maintain quarantine. Meanwhile, the child was prepared for the adoption via virtual and physical interactions by the DCPU. She overcame her initial hesitation with due counselling she accepted to go with her new family. The procedure was completed in time and a petition was also filed at the district family court for final orders the next day before she left for Chennai.Due to ceaseless hard-work, determination and teamwork spirit of SARA (Rajasthan), SAA and DCPU, a family was formed on choice. This story is an everlasting reminder to those parents and children whose hope of family might have withered with time; to have faith and follow the legal process in Adoption.


CARA has conducted an inspection dated 11th September 2019 in the State of Andhra Pradesh and inspected the Specialised Adoption Agency (SAA) namely Sishugraha East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Major gaps were identified in the SAA which were not in accordance with JJ (Care & Protection of childrens) Model Rules, 2016. CARA has therefore written a letter to the State Department of Women and Child Development and SARA to look into the matter and take necessary action. Through the initiative of SARA the SAA Sishugraha East Godavari has been shifted to a new spacious building on 10.06.2020 consisting of 3 bedrooms 2 halls 1 kitchen with good ventilation facility. The SAA has created a separate sick room to address the medical need of the children along with required medical equipment SAA has also appointed a nurse and part-time doctor by the selection committee to address the medical need of the children.The SAA has setup a separate counselling room to deal with the psychological need of the children and classroom with TV to address the educational need of the children. In case of emergency, the services of government hospital have been utilized from time to time and are taking necessary precaution against COVID-19. The SAA has also tied up with Aganwadi and children in the age group 3 years will be going to Aganwadi in care of the Ayahs. The district administration has also been requested to appoint a specialized trainer

Media and Publicity

A live Q&A facebook session was organised on 10th June 2020 to answer the queries of Prospective Adoptive Parents, Social Workers and other Stakeholders.

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Heart-Warming Stories Overcoming the Barriers of Overseas Among the Adoptive Parents and The Child

An Adoption, A Pandemic and Evacuation

During this pandemic situation where people are stuck, afraid and separated from their families, a beautiful girl was adopted by the PAP. Meanwhile, the New York times has published an article about this adoption of a beautiful girl child by a couple. As per the article, the Mosier family residing in America decided to adopt a child from India. After applying for Inter-country adoption and patiently waiting for their turn, it was in December 2019 when they first had a glimpse of the child through Video Chat. The couple were visiting India during mid-march and were directed to Madurai to adopt their little girl Selvi. Holding her into their arms and knowing about the then prevalent scenarios, all they could think about was not getting stranded. Travelling back to Delhi on March 18 and getting stuck with the imposition of stringent national lockdown they took it as a blessing to bond with their child. Eventually, they were offered seat in the flight by the embassy and could reach back home. The article puts light on the difficult emotions faced by the PAP, wanting to complete their family and also the gratitude and empathy they felt for the caregivers at the SAAs.

Three Nations unite to give Guj Brothers New family – TOI

Covid-19 Pandemic brought another adoption story into the limelight where amid international lockdown two young boys 9 and 12 hailing from the State of Gujarat were on their way to a new life with their newfound family when they got stuck in Dubai. Highlighting the unforeseen situation media reported, “This story would have been just another in the list of adoptions, but for the usual circumstances…”.The PAPs and the children were stranded in Dubai for over four weeks, which resulted in the children developing cold feet.
The article brings forward the proactive measures of counselling and in-person interaction in Dubai taken up by CARA, in the public eye. To help the family overcome challenges, this adoption experience united the three countries – India, Italy and UAE.